Barkeep, fixer, and friend to everyone: as shady as it gets


Owner and operator of the Second Wind, a shadowrunner bar unusually close to the center of the Black Box. Sieg is one of the most effective fixers in the city, but also one of the most discrete. Unusual about the friendly, albeit fast talking man, is that he has a standing offer to his runners: he is willing to forgo part or all of his fee as fixer for information about the ops he sets up for his runners. Usually such a proposal would be refused outright (the key to running is secrecy, after all), but for the fact the Sieg can get you jobs more lucrative than anyone in the business. Also, despite his interest in information, none of his information has ever gotten out…at least to the general public. Whoever he gives his information to isn’t talking, unless he just keeps it for himself.



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