Nothing on earth is his equal, a creature without fear


“In the year 2011, an event called the Awakening occurred. Magic entered the world and humanity’s existence became forever intertwined with the paranormal. When this happened humanity found itself at a disadvantage. It was ill equipped and unprepared to deal with such fantastic change. In the Sixth World we face adversity at every angle. It is for this reason Leviathan was formed. Leviathan is the vanguard of humanity against its enemies. We believe in the preservation of the human race through the development of any technology that could lead to the advancement of our species. Our research is strange and our projects are unorthodox. But both are necessary . For it is in this way that humanity will never again have the disadvantage in a changing world.”
-Leviathan Mission Statement


Leviathan is an organization devoted to the survival of humanity in the Sixth World. While knowledge of it is open to the public the organization has always been secretive about its work. What is even more of a mystery is the organizations enigmatic CEO and founder Joshua Alexander, a quiet reserved man who mostly keeps to himself. The details of the organizations creation and growth are unclear. But what is certain is that Joshua Alexander built it form the ground up seemingly out of nothing, and turned it into a monumental figure in the field of research and technology. From the beginning of Leviathan’s history, the company had been privately owned by Alexander himself. However, a few years prior to Project: SVAFNIR the organization went public. A board of affluent shareholders was seen as the best means to maximize the company’s efforts. With Leviathan becoming more corporatized, Joshua Alexander began to make increasing less public appearances. Most members of the board have not met him, as he seldom attends meetings in person, if at all. As for the work Leviathan does, word is that they have been extensively involved in experiments with augmentation. Most alarming are the claims regarding the organization’s creation of mutants with super-human abilities. Unfortunately, information is almost always inconclusive. Leviathan’s current projects are likewise unknown. Perhaps the company is still creating these alleged super mutants. Perhaps it is doing something entirely different. It is impossible to know for sure. In the end, maybe that is just it. Beyond all the organization does there is nothing except a singular goal. An ends without a means: an undying vision.


Secrets of the City JosephDamiano