Secrets of the City

Svafnir Tutorial

The Legend of the Snark

GM: So, I imagine that we begin in Seattle, on a Thursday a few weeks before the beginning of the current campaign.  You have been doing some work in the area, and your name is slowly going around in the right circles.  At some point you get a call from one of your local contacts, saying he wants you to come in and talk to someone.  He has a job that…most people wouldn’t be as suited to as you are. This contact’s place is a run down biotech repair shop downtown.

Svafnir:  [He heads over.]
GM:  You arrive a short time later and get waved to the back by a large, gruff gentlemen with wild grey hair tied back so as not to distract from his work.  He is working intently on making some adjustments to an artificial arm that you can tell by a glance is top of the line.  The man it’s attached to is well dressed (probably too much for this area) and doing his best not to pay attention to the disarray around him.  As soon as you enter he perks up. 

Employer: “Ah, yes. Is this the gentleman to which you were referring before?  The…um  Svarnir, was it?”
Svafnir:  Close enough

GM:  He scrunches his nose and shakes his head, as if admitting he were capable of a mistake would be an affront. 

Employer: “Oh, do have a seat, would you.  A man of your size does intimidate when towering over one like this.”

Svafnir:  [Svafnir sits] What’s this about a job?

Employer: "Well, it is true I may have a position open for one with the appropriate…capabilities.  They tell me you are well versed in the field of parazoology.  Is this so?"
Svafnir:  Parazoology. Reagents. I dabble in Botany a bit too.

Employer:  “Well, I shall keep it in mind, should I ever require someone with those skills.  Tell me, if you would.  What do you know about a beast called ‘the Snark’?”  

GM:  From off the top of your head, you are able to remember that the creatures are both extremely uncommon and very difficult to capture, for reasons that are unclear. 

Svafnir:  Yeah, I recall them. Very rare. Very hard to catch.
Employer:  “So I have heard myself.  Rare.  Rare, you see, means exceptional, and I pride myself on being a man of exceptional taste.  As such, I would consider acquisition of such a creature beyond appropriate.  I would of course offer appropriate compensation for such a service, if anyone were so inclined to offer it…”

GM: The large man attending to his arm stands and begins walking briskly past you. 

Contact: “And that’s my cue to exit.  Can’t talk about what you don’t hear.  Good luck, kid.”

Svafnir:  I’m usually hired to kill monsters. Bringing it in alive will be a change. But i can manage, if the pays good…

Employer:  “Assuming it is brought in unharmed and discretely, and let me tell you I can stress neither of those points too fervently, then the compensation can be more than adequate, I assure you.  That does mean you will agree to this assignment?”

Svafnir:  Yeah. Count me in. Now, any suggestion as to where I might start looking for this Snark?

GM:  “As it happens, I do believe I can offer some assistance there…” [he reaches into his coat pocket and begins unfolding a laminated piece of paper he then places on the table before you.  You see it is an extravagant flyer for The Carracas Circus: Finest Magical acts on the continent!]  “The Carracas are known for their displays of oddities, and a recent tour of Malaysia has them claiming they have a Snark in possession and are bandying it about like a toy.  They arrive in Seattle in several days.  Unless you want to take a flight overseas yourself, this seems to be the most viable option available.”

Svafnir:  I’d be better off catching him when the tour reaches here. Since I have some time I’d like to prepare for when they do. Do you know anyone I can talk to about the Carracas? Maybe an event planner? Someone who will know where they’ll be and what the event will be like.

Employer:  “If at all possible I would prefer to keep my hand out of this.  Word of such a deed coming back to me would be rather unbecoming, I must say.” 

Svafnir:  You’re going to need to give me more than that. [Svafnir discretely makes hand signs to cast a control thought spell.]

Employer: [He leans back in his chair and inspects his recently modified arm absentmindedly.]  “I must say, however, this is important to me. I would much prefer not to let this chance go while it is here. I have an old friend from the university who works at the city council.  There is a good chance he has his hands in the permits a circus would want before coming to town. He would probably be able to give you some information.”  [He jots down a name and contact number and slides it across to you. The information reads Chris Hael and contains the appropriate contact information.]  “Just do try to keep my name out of things if at all possible.”

Svafnir:  Of course. No one will know. Thankyou.

Employer: "Should you manage to obtain the Snark, bring it back here and inform the proprietor of the establishment. He will take care of all the details after that."

Svafnir:  Alright. Will do. I’m going to go see this contact now. I’m also going to research into the Snark. I can’t remember much about it. Wouldn’t even know how to recognize it.

Employer:  “I take that as only a testament to its value” [he chuckles to himself]. “The rarer the beast, the more it is worth.  Godspeed, though.  I would so like to see this venture successful.” 

GM: You sense a weight to his last statement, but not enough of one the really perceive it as a threat.

Svafnir:  [Svafnir goes to find the contact.]

GM:  It’s a hop skip and a jump over to an old building now serving as the government center for non-corporatized Seattle.  As you approach you see an ork lazily shouldering a rifle next to the door, under a sign that reads “Please check all weapons before entry.”

Svafnir: [Svafnir approaches the guard.] I’d like to see Chris Hael.

Orc Guard:  “Hey there, pal.” he says disinterestedly. “Leave all your guns, blades, and offensive talismans before you head inside.  You’ll get them back when you leave.”
[He takes the weapons you hand him and waves you inside.]

Svafnir:  [Svafnir hands him him his longsword, knife, and rifle] Alright, no problem. [Proceeds inside]

GM: The building is old but well maintained, an old holdover from the early days when the city was not overrun by magic and hypertech. Pretty soon you see a sign telling you the location of the office you are looking for on the second floor. 

Svafnir: [Svafnir examines the sign for the office number and proceeds.]

GM: When you reach the door you see it closed, but there is a light on inside behind the frosted glass.
Svafnir: [Knocks]

Chris:  (After a brief pause)  “Uh, yes?  Come in.”
Svafnir: [Svafnir enters] Chris Hael?
GM:  As you enter his eyes widen. He is a lanky, someone overworked man who has clearly been overworked in his position. 

Chris: “Yes, sir. That is who you are speaking to. I..don’t believe I have any appointments at the moment.  May I know with whom I am speaking?”

Svafnir: My name’s Svafnir. You can call me “Sev”. Sorry to intrude. I heard you are the person to see about the Carracas Circus coming to Seattle. I have some questions. Firstly where the event is to take place.

Chris: [He eyes you curiously at this.]  “Yes, well, I was involved with much of their official documentation before entering the city, my information is limited.  I can tell you they will be performing a bit away from the city proper. They need a great deal of space for their operation and the urban sprawl is somewhat unsuited.”  [He describes a slightly less urbanized area in a park outside the center of the city.] 

Svafnir: Very good. How long they going to be here for?

Chris: "Two weeks once they arrive, which by my information is in two days."

Svafnir: Shows run every day? Is that correct?
Chris: "That is correct.  Once a day and twice on weekends, in the morning and evenings."

Svafnir: Any idea what kind of events they will have? I hear they specialize in oddities other circuses would kill for.

Chris: [His expression grows evermore suspicious as this conversation goes on.]  “Well, you know, they do the typical circus stuff.  They did need some special permits for some of the exotic animals they are going to be bringing through here.  If I may ask, what exactly is this all about?”

Svafnir: Well you see thats why I’m here. I represent a local animal rights group and exotic animals are of particular concern to us. We want to make sure they have the proper documentation and approval to handle any such animals. An inventory of what they have and what they will be doing would be helpful. You seemed like the person to go to since you have been working with the circus for when the tour arrives here.

Chris: "Well, I can appreciate your concerns, and as the man who personally handled this documentation, I can personally tell you that they are complying with all Seattle standards and all the cities they visited previously say they are up to par.  I don’t think you have anything to be concerned about here."

Svafnir: Oh well thankyou. That is of great comfort to my organization and myself.
Its just…well…I heard this rumor.

Chris:  [He raises an eyebrow.]
Svafnir:  Is it true that the Carracas has among its menagerie a living Snark?
Because if so that is a matter within itself.
Chris:  “Well, I can’t remember the entire manifest off the top of my head, but yeah, I think I remember seeing a Snark on there when I was checking things over.”

Svafnir:  Oh well then. I don’t mean to bother you further as you have already been so helpful, but if that is the case I may need to inquire further about this snark. You see snarks are incredibly rare. No one really know that much about them. As such it raises all sorts of ethical questions. How intelligent it is. If it experiences anxiety with handling. All these things are important, and need to be addressed if the creature is to be showcased. Perhaps.. it might help if you could tell me what they plan to do with the snark. Or what any of there exhibits might be like, just to get an idea. That is if you know anything of course.

Chris:  "Listen, I hear where you’re coming from, but I only have so much information.  I know none of the acts involve anything dangerous or painful and they are all kept comfortably when not performing.  I leave the heavy science and philosophy to other guys.  If it exhibited self awareness, we might be having a different conversation, but none of the information I have indicates that it’s anything other than a highly rare dracoform.
Svafnir:  Alright then. Well you have been very helpful. Thankyou for your time. Is there anyone I might talk to incase my people want further information? Someone who will be working more directly with the circus?

Chris:  “Well, I’m sorry to say I can’t give you much more.  These guys are pretty self sufficient.  They come in, set up, and get out themselves.  City government only gets involved if there is some sort of problem.”

Svafnir:  Right. Well, I’m sure all is well. Thank you and good-day

GM:  He gives you a quick wave as you head out the door.

Svafnir:  [Svafnir leaves and picks up his weapons. He decides that the only thing left to do is research before the circus arrives. So he heads to the library.]

GM: It is just about after noon. You commit 6 hours to researching the snark.  You find a wealth of books that mention them offhand, speculating that they are rumors or jokes to send annoying grad students on wild goose chases.  Every now and again you come across a reliable report of a sighting. There are a few facts they all have in common: one is that the snark is incredibly adept at concealing itself somehow.  Many researchers followed them for some time only to see it turn a corner and suddenly become untraceable.  Something else that is consistent is that in the very few cases where the snark did not attempt concealment, it invariably attacked with an acid gland in its mouth, used when the creature is agitated.  You also get a rough description: a long, green, reptilian body with four squat legs that allows it to move along the ground.

Svafnir:  [Satisfied with his research on the Snark, Svafnir decides to read about the Carracas Circus for an hour or two.]

GM:  They are a well known group who specialize in unusual animal acts.  They travel very far and wide, which is part of the reason they pick up such strange creatures.  That is all you manage to pick up.

Svafnir:  [Svafnir concludes his research and leaves the library. He returns “home” to rest for the night.]

Svafnir:  [Svafnir goes to check the site the circus is to be at.]

GM:  It’s in a wide clearing in one of the few park left in Seattle.  The ground is fairly clear as there are events here often, but there is so much urbanization that where they are performing won’t be to far away from the buildings of the city proper.  Only a few hundred feet away are tall buildings quickly giving way to skyscrapers.

Svafnir:  [Svafnir decides he’s done about all the preparation he can. At least, all he can think of. And so he returns home to rest and wait for the circus’ arrival.]

GM:  From the flyer he knows that they have two shows the next day.  One at eleven in the morning, and the other at seven at night.

Svafnir:  [Svafnir goes to the grounds for the 11am show]

GM:  By now the area is quite changed.  An enormous tent has been erected, children and their parents are milling about, and all manner of circus folk are going about their business in preparation for the coming event.

 Svafnir:  [Svafnir approaches the hub for admission.]

GM:  A cabbage-smelling stage hand is there doling out tickets to the masses. 200 NY each, which is exorbitant but appropriate if these people meet up to their reputation.

Svafnir:  Hi, I’d like one for the 11 show please.

Stagehand:  [He rips off a ticket and waves you to the door.]  “Enjoy the show…sir.”

Svafnir:  Thankyou [hands over the 200 and takes the ticket]. [Proceeds to the door.]

GM:  You head inside and see the structure is largely supported by the seating that rings the outside.  The tent is a wide circle, with a few other doors leading off to areas you can’t see from where you are.  People are filing into their seats, and some large trolls keeping them from walking to the center.

Svafnir:  [Svafnir looks for a seat which he feels is a good vantage point to get the best view of the whole area.]

GM:  You pick a seat near the door you entered from and up high, where you have a clear view of the area, the people around, and all of the extra doors that enter into the main tent.

Svafnir:  [Svafnir waits for the event to begin.]

GM:  About fifteen minutes pass as more people come in and find their seats.  The event is pretty packed, this being their first show.  Finally, lights dim and the ringmaster appears, a tall elf in ludicrous makeup, who floats a few inches off the ground and gets everyone excited for the coming show. A little while longer passes and the show begins. The show is a wondrous display of acrobatics and animal training (with every now and again a trick assisted by magic that you are probably the only one to notice).  Jumping owlbears, a swarm of intelligent rats that make themselves into shadow puppets, and a fire dancer deftly moving around a hellhound.  At the end of the show they pull out the big guns.  Everything goes dark and the ringmaster appears in a flash:

Ringmaster:  “Now, ladies and gentlemen, comes a wonder you have only heard of in legend.  The beast from the east.  The one of its kind.  Everyone, I present to you-THE SNAAAAARK!”

GM:  Colored lights flash and music wub wub wubs away.  A dwarf stands before a large wooden cube.  She walks around, making a show of it, and every now and again knocks on one of the sides.  Whenever she does, at the exact location where her hand hits, an acidic hole gets burned and the snark snakes its way out before making another hole and going back inside.

Svafnir:  [Svafnir becomes especially attentive. His eyes do not leave the snark even for a second, noting every movement it makes.]
GM: You can see it has a malleable body, like a squid, so it can fit through small areas.  This explains how it is so consistently able to hide. By the end of the show the box is destroyed and the Snark coiled around her arm.  She bows and the crowd erupts with applause. She then returns to the farthest door to the right, and the show is over.
Svafnir:  [Svafnir looks around for someone from the event staff he might talk to.]

GM:  Some of the performers are outside once the show is over, accepting thanks from the families and thanking them for coming out.

Svafnir:  [Svafnir approaches the elf ringmaster.] Hello, I work for the city. I’m from the office of Chris Hael. I don’t know if it was you he spoke to, or perhaps one of your other staff members, but he collaborated extensively with your organization for this event. First of all i just wanted to say it was a spectacular show.

Ringmaster:  [He takes a step back and squints at you.]  “Well, thank you.  Thank you.  We always appreciate people enjoying our work.  I hope you’ll forgive me for saying so, but you don’t exactly look like the kind of person to work in city government.”

Svafnir:  Oh no thats fine I get that a lot. I’m a close personal assistant of Mr. Hael. I do a lot of “field work” so to speak for him. He’s usually confined to a desk, so thats where I come in.  He couldn’t make this show so he sent me. He hopes to make it before the tour sets out though.

Ringmaster:  “Well, I can appreciate that, but he never said anything about anyone coming out.  In fact I got the impression that we were only going to hear something from him if there was some sort of problem, and we’ve only been here for a few hours yet.”

Svafnir:  Well actually thats the thing. This is somewhat of a formal visit as well. You see a local animal rights group submitted a complaint. They say you don’t provide proper conditions to your animals, the living spaces are inadequate, and so on. Listen, I know we saw your documentation but as procedure we are technically suppose to perform a more thorough examination of your facilities in situations like these. At some point, I am going to have to see the animals’ living quarters. Just a quick examination. Just to have on the books. You know, red tape and all.

Ringmaster:  [He heaves his head in frustration.]  "God, we get this everywhere.  Alright, look.  I’ll tell the boys to take you in the back.  As long as this is quick.  We want to be ready for tonight and we don’t have much of a break before we need to set up again. [He motions to two heavy set trolls with rifles who he says can take you back to get a look at the animal pens.]

Svafnir:  Thankyou. This won’t be long.

GM:  They are all spaced out evenly and arranged in reverse order of appearance.  The snark is farthest from you, asleep at the center of a large glass cage filled with a type of straw.  There is a fine wire over the air-holes, presumably so it can’t just climb through them to get out.

Svafnir:  Ok so far so good.
[Svafnir looks around the room for all possible entrances to it.]

GM:  There is the way you entered at the back and the way in front that leads to the main area. The tent material is held down pretty firmly, but it might be possible to pull it up.  Doing so, however, is likely to make a great deal of noise.

Svafnir:  So do either of you handle the animals yourselves?

Troll Guard:  “Well, when things get dicey with some of the bigger ones we occasionally have to do some wrestling, but otherwise we leave most of the care to the trainers.”

Svafnir:  Ah well, then I’ll need to speak to one of the trainers. Its crucial for the investigation.

Troll Guard:  “Ooookay, then.  Let’s go see Shmee.”  [They take you outside to the dwarf who performed with the snark earlier.  She is still in the process of waving to leaving families as you come near.]  "Hey, Shmee! “This guy’s here from the city.  Says he has some questions about the situation here.”

Svafnir:  Hi Shmee. The city sent me just to do a quick check of the animals’ living conditions. I’ve already checked their quarters and so far everything seems good. You got the right habitats and feeds. But i need to know about how the animals are taken care of when they are not performing.

Shmee:  “Well, they have it pretty well, truth be told.  All the acts we do with them are based off of what the animals themselves consider play, so it’s not like we force anything on them. They get enough exercise one by one, and rest when they need it. I really don’t know what to tell you.”

Svafnir:  No, thats very good. Thankyou. Actually that has a lot to do with what I wanted to ask you. How often are these animals let out for exercise and such?

Shmee:  “A couple of times a day, and whenever they look like they need it.  It’s different for each of them. On days like today we don’t do as much, but that’s just because two shows a day tends to be work enough for them.”

Svafnir:  Right. Well the reason I ask in particular is for…well..the Snark. I know it has very specific living conditions and theoretically should get out at least every 5 to 6 hours. Are you and your staff meeting that standard?

Shmee:  [She is visibly taken aback at this.]  “Where did you get that information?  The Snark is incredibly rare and I am only one of a very few to have ever come into contact with one.”

Svafnir:  I was prompted extensively by an animal rights organization on what questions they wanted me to ask. You see they lodged a complaint with the city. Thats why I’m here. Exotic animals are of interest to them.

Shmee:  “Well I don’t know what I can say to that, but I know I have never seen anything wrong with the snark and I’ve been with it for months. If anyone knows better I would be glad to listen.”

Svafnir:  Oh well how often does it go out?

Shmee:  “Two to three times a day.  Morning, noon, and night except on weekend when we do two shows.”

Svafnir:  And where do you take it? Does it get exercise on the grounds outside?

Shmee:  [She sighs heavily, beginning to grow tired.]  “Yes, right around here, but close enough that we can have our eyes on it.  Don’t worry, we won’t have an angry snark escaping into the sewer systems or anything.  We know what we’re doing by now.”

Svafnir:  Tell you what. You all seem like great people. And I see no evidence of mistreatment or even discomfort in the animals. I trust you’re all doing the right thing. I’ll conclude my examination here if you can point me to the Snarks exercise area so I can say I saw it myself. Just for procedures sake.

Shmee:  [She takes a quick, cursory glance around and then thinks better of it and begins an actual examination of the area.  After a moment she picks a tree and nods her head.] “Around there.  Around there should work.  The snark likes to climb and that tree is far enough away from the others that I don’t think it would be able to just jump to another one.  Does that satisfy?”

Svafnir:  Yes absolutely. Thank you for your time. Great show. And goodluck in the future.

Shmee:  “Any time.”  [She goes back to what she was doing before, looking relieved.]

Svafnir:  [Having learned sufficiently about the Snarks schedule, Svafnir returned home to rest. He would not return to the circus until the weekend ended. Once monday came Svafnir returned in the morning.]

GM:  It takes some time, but eventually (after the rat swarm takes a few laps around the tent) you see Shmee come out with the snark coiled around her arm.  More of the workers are standing around in various states of work and relaxation, and the large trolls are pacing around absentmindedly with handguns holstered at their waists.

Svafnir:  [Svafnir looks around for the best way to leave grounds in the event he had to exit in a hurry.]

GM:  The area is largely open, but on the opposite side from the opening of the tent is a small stream that might lead somewhere.  To the left is a strand of trees that grows thick but cuts off soon when it turns back to the city other than that, if you ran quickly enough you might be able to make it into an alley, but they would have you in their sights for a while first.

Svafnir:  [Svafnir goes to search by the stream to see where it leads.]

GM:  It’s largely artificial to make the area look more natural.  It comes from out of a one of those large sewer pipes and disappears down a grate near the street.

Svafnir:  [Svafnir attempts to see if he can remove or loosen the grate.]

GM:  It’s not incredibly firm, and after some struggling you manage to pull it free.  You are now standing in the open holding the top of a sewer grate.
Svafnir:  [Svafnir places it back to make it look like its still intact. He then returns to the tree.]
GM:  They are still there.  The snark is snaking itself up and down the tree quickly.

Svafnir:  [Svafnir waits for them to leave. When they do he looks for a good hiding spot near it for the next time they take it out at night.]

GM:  He has several options.  The tree itself has thick leaves at this time of year, so it might be possible to conceal oneself by climbing it.  The vehicles they took to get here are standing near one another, and not too far away from the tents. 

Svafnir:  [He climbs into the tree and waits for night fall.]

GM:  Things are alternately quiet and busy throughout the day, as the circus goes from relaxing to preparations and performing.  Eventually darkness falls and they switch over to the various lighting implements they brought with them.

Svafnir::  [Wait for them to take the Snark out for exercise.]

GM:  Later on in the night, you see the Snark’s handler walk out and stand beneath the tree.  It snakes out from its coiled position around her arm and begins darting up and down the length up the tree, twining itself around branches and stretching itself into various unnatural shapes.

Svafnir:  [Svafnir holds his arm out still and steady like a branch to entice the Snark to climb on to it.]

GM:  It takes a while, but after a few courses up and back the Snark makes its way to Svafnir’s arm and coils around it swiftly.  Almost immediately it starts moving off again but for a moment it’s right there in reach.
Svafnir:  [Svafnir grabs the Snark and makes sure he has a firm hold on it.]
GM:  You get a firm grip around the midsection of the Snark.  It panics and tries to contort its way out of your grasp, but you can feel that it won’t have the brute strength necessary to get away.

Svafnir:  [Making sure the Snark was securely in his grasp, Svafnir leaps from the tree and begins to run in the direction of the stream.]

GM:  Shouts of alarm fill the air, and the cries of the Snark join them. By catching them by surprise you manage to get a decent head start.  By the time you hit the stream people are chasing after you, but at a distance.  A few rounds pierce harmlessly through the air.  Someone manages to score a grazing hit on you, but it catches in your armor and doesn’t slow you down considerably.

Svafnir:  [Svafnir makes a full sprint for the sewer grate.]

GM:  Tired and harried, he manages to make it there and down. There are only a few moments before the pursuers are there, but you have a solid few seconds to use the last of your lead.
Svafnir:  [Svafnir casts flamethrower in an attempt to weld the sewer back shut.]

GM:  A flame erupts before you and the sewer grate glows red hot, expanding and melting.  While the metal is still malleable, it is also extremely hot, so anyone coming up to it will be forced to consider their next move. However, the Snark begins flailing around violently and spitting a green fluid from its mouth.  Your grip holds, but if this hits your face or clothes (or the drain above you) you are going to have serious problems.

Svafnir:  [Svafnir consults his knowledge of parazoology for anything off the top of his head that might help him calm such a creature. He attempts to pacify it.]

GM:  It does not go particularly well.  The Snark continues its wild flailing, and a spray of acid hits you (luckily) square in the chest. It begins burning through your clothes and it may go farther, but it does not have the presence of mind to try hurting you directly.

Svafnir:  [ Unable to calm the creature, Svafnir attempts to position the Snark so that it is less threatening to him, while keeping it securely in his hands.]

GM:  It keeps moving around wildly, but by getting a grip higher up on its mouth you point it away from anything you don’t want damaged.  After enough time goes on, it sort of gives up and loses some energy, ceasing its’ acidic attack.

Svafnir:  [And with that, the Snark did escape into the sewer after all; with of course, Svafnir’s hands tightly around it. Because of his animal eyes Svafnir had no trouble seeing in the dark sewer. So, all he had to do was figure out which way to go in order to come out in the city. Preferably the inner parts.]

GM:  Svafnir carefully makes his way to his contact, looking pretty worse for the wear but not too bad that he can’t move.  You transfer the  Snark, who is taken to a large plastic cage in the back where it quickly passes out due to exhaustion.  Your contact warns you not to stay too long in the city, given that you have been seen by several people and might be identified without much trouble.

Svafnir:  That’s fine but what about payment?

GM:  Your contact shows that he has it in hand on a credstick.

Svafnir:  I trust its the full amount?

GM:  He has a terminal there for you to check.  It is indeed adequate, minus a negligible fee for the man who set up the job.  It looks the man who hired you was not playing around. 

Svafnir:  I’m sorry but have to ask. This is one of the strangest jobs I’ve ever done. What does my employer want with this creature?

Contact:  “Well, you know, people have weird tastes.  I hear this guy has a huge compound somewhere he keeps as an elaborate zoo, but it’s more just a vanity project.  Honestly?  I think he just wants the beast to show it off.  Don’t know to who though, given how incredibly illegal this all is…”

Svafnir:  Well I stole it so thats one. Aside from that, how much more illegal is this exactly?

Contact:  “Well, truth be told I don’t know exactly.  The animal doesn’t belong to any corps or governments, so unless they have it insured for a ludicrous amount I don’t know for sure who this all really affects.  I mean, I’m not really certain whose law you are breaking here, I just know that someone is not going to be happy about it.”

Svafnir:  Right.
Another question. Do you have a personal involvement here?

GM: "No, I’m not really involved except that I’m thinking the time has come
to start getting out of this business.  Stuff just keeps getting weirder
and weirder.  I’m thinking the time has come to sign off."

Svafnir:  Well, goodluck then. I suppose I’ll take my payment now. So long.
[With that Svafnir made a hasty and discrete exit from the city. With no where in particular to go he began to consider his options.]



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