Secrets of the City

Secrets Revealed

The very, VERY short version

It began with a simple job. Two representatives of EvoCorp, a no-nonsense dwarf code named Grim and his augmented elf partner Legless, wanted an investigation into a failed plan of theirs. Outlast, a biocorp company with its headquarters located on a building on the central spire, has been their target of acquisition for some time now. They arranged for the…inhumation of Martin Shelly, the CEO and founder who was unwilling to sell. It appeared not to have taken. They wanted answers.
Answers came when the players broke into Outlast, and found that he had survived. Or rather two of them had. In a bid to keep himself alive, Mr. Shelly tried every tactic at his disposal. As it stood, two of them worked. His body was kept alive through an imperfect mix of cybernetics and bioware, while a copy of his mind survived as an artificial intelligence in the building’s computer core. The runners decided the man himself was the more valuable ally, and sided with him, ending the life of the AI (and sidling out of their contract with Evo).
Their association with Sieg lead them down many unorthodox paths. At his behest, they protected information (later revealed as AmSec’s list of the city’s missing). On a way to see him, they were attacked by men looking to retrieve a sample of Svafnir’s blood. While investigating, the source was killed by magic and they were traced by the police.
The information all of this was about? A secret the AI had discovered: that there was an underground section to the city that no one had seen. Sieg offered them a deal: I can offer you a distraction to get in there if you let me go with you. As it happened, this was all a part of his plan, as all along he was the great dragon Balmung in disguise.
The city all along was his attempt to create an army of hybrids. Human who at a moment could take draconic form. He has, since the breakout, been trying to regain control. He did something while they were down there. The players do not know what yet. But they know the truth, and AmSec (the visible arm of the remaining subjects) know they know. What happens next is up to them.



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